Thursday, 28 August 2014

Peace by Jeff Nesbit


Good morning to all my Bookaholic friends. It's a dreich day here in Bonny Scotland. For all the non Scots speakers this means it is bucketing with rain. So perfect reading weather. Today I bring you an excellent Technothriller which I am sure you will enjoy.

I picked this book up as the price had been reduced in my local bookshop. If I had known how good it would be I would have picked it up at full price earlier. What a book. It is nail biting, on the edge of your seat stuff. Iran and North Korea have nuclear capabilities and are going to use it to obliterate Israel, and indeed half the world. However, before you think this is a book about war, it is so much more than that. This is a technothriller which demonstrates how technology can be used for both good and evil. It is also a book of characters, all of whom jump from the page. Good, or bad, they are perfectly drawn and are perfectly human.

This novel was written in 2011 but given the situation in the Middle East today, could almost be considered prophetic.

The one thing I will say about the book is that it does tend to jump between characters and situations in each chapter. This gave it a somewhat unsettling feel to start with. However, once you got used to this the storyline zipped along. All the, seemingly disparate, plots tied together beautifully at the end. There were a couple of characters I would have liked to have seen more of and have their story explained more fully. However, this is the first book in a series, so these may be picked up in later books. This is a Christian book but the Christian theme is very low key and does not detract from the main story. This is a book which would be enjoyed by anon regardless of their faith.

Overall an excellent book which I would highly recommend.


So there we have it for another day. If it's raining where you are make the most of it and grab a book to read. If the sun is splitting the rocks where you are go find a chair in the sun and grab a book to read. Whatever you are doing enjoy. See you next time.

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