Friday, 15 August 2014

Button Books by Joyce Mitchell

I continue the surprise in my eclectic reading collection today by bringing you three adorable little children's books. Yes, I know that's unusual but these books deserve to be reviewed. This Bookaholic is never surprised to shy away from something different. 


It says in the book blurb that Button the dog is adorable and he is. In fact the's the cutest dog ever. In this book we are introduced to Button and his owner, Buffy. The simple words will be easy for pre school children under 5. It will help the older children to learn to read. In this book Button is learning some simple tasks, like counting to three and going up and down stairs, amongst others. This will help children to learn and reinforce what they are learning in real life.

The supporting illustrations are superb and really bring Button and Buffy to life. A great little book which would be enjoyed by both boys and girls of pre school age.

Button Goes to Hollywood

In this book Button wins a competition and goes to Hollywood. The book mainly describes his trip so this book is useful for discussing different modes of transport. As he does the trip on his own Buffy, does not feature heavily in this book. I really enjoyed the book and it would be great for pre-school children. The one thing I will say, is that the concept of Hollywood may be a little too difficult to grasp for British children under 5. However, the concepts in the book still translate well having travelled across the atalantic. A great addition to the Button Books.

Button Goes to the Doctor

In this book in the series button has to go to the Doctor. Trying to keep him calm, Buffy suggests that he take his favourite bag of red buttons. It is raining, which should resonate with UK readers. On the way they see birds in the park and talk about what they can see. Button is examined and given a clean bill of health and a button shaped biscuit. He also learns to talk in human language. This is a lovely little book and children under five are sure to love both the book and Button the dog.

This book series is fabulous. It will help children of under 5 learn many different concepts. Button the Dog is delightful and children are sure to love him. The illustrations are superb and really bring the books and the characters to life. Joyce Mitchell is a highly talented children's author and I am looking forward to seeing more books in the series.

As an added bonus the books are free at the moment so well worth downloading. The links are below for UK and US

Button UK
Button US

Button goes to Hollywood UK
Button Goes to Hollywood US

Button goes to the Doctor UK
Button goes to the Doctor US

There we are for another week. For all those who read to children it is well worth grabbing these books now. See you all again soon for another review. Till then keep reading, and get those children reading. Bye.

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