Wednesday, 27 June 2012

More free Christian ebooks

I know I promised some Murder, Mysteries, thrillers etc., however time and domestic crisis have overtaken me this week, so the crime blog has been missed out and here we are with another swag of freebie Christian ebooks. Hopefully, there is something for everyone in here. Same caveat as previously, I don't get time to read all these whilst they are free, so it is down to the individual to look and see which ones they like and download.

First out of the stable this time is in fact a thriller about a former Hassidic jew and a Christian Gypsy who are trying to save an entire Romanian village from certain destruction. I like the look of this, and it's just my type of book, thriller and Christian all rolled into one Soul Runner: A Novel of High Adventure

Now, much as I like children, I wouldn't like to be in this girls shoes. After the sudden death of her sister and brother-in-law, Aggie has just inherited eight children Ready or Not (Aggies Inheritance)

Another Christian thriller. An armed man bursts into a police department and starts to shoot everyone in his path before blowing himself up Mourning Reign

This next book is a story of two parts, one fiction and the other fact. It is about the state of the American church today. However, this could also apply to the UK The Document - Americas Final Hope Version 2
How one woman kept her faith through multiple times of trouble. I think I need to let this book speak for itself He Kept His Promise (How Do You Stand on the Word of God when the Legs of Faith are Broken)
For all the married couples out there, despite the title this looks to be a sound book on how to strengthen your marriage  We all Married Idiots: Three Things you Will Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can
So hopefully enough here to keep you busy for the next few days. Hope you found something you like and enjoy reading them

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Free Christian Books for Kindle

I am ashamed to say I have been out of the picture blogging wise for some time now. This is not because I have not been reading, but because I have been ill. However, this has given me plenty of time to read, and also to combine 2 of my favourite hobbies - reading and technology. I have recently discoverd there are a lot of free books out there for your kindle which I find absolutely amazing. All power to the authors who are offering these and also heartfelt thanks. It is great to be able to share my love of reading with others, and being Scottish, I love a bargain. So this blog is dedicated to sharing some free Christian books as requested by a friend. Can I say I have read some of these but not all. These books do not stay free for long so if I wait until I've read them all then they wont be free anymore, so browse and download the ones you like to your kindle.

Before I start can I say that if you do not have a kindle then you can download the kindle app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, blackberry, windows phones and PC. That should pretty much cover everyone.

First off the block is a book called Everything the Bible has to Say About Heaven which, funnily enough, looks at what the bible has to say about heaven

Greater Power: May you Find Him Now, looks at what part God has to play when helping people with addictions

Wedded To War (Heroines Behind the Lines) is particularly dear to my heart as it is about a military nurse behind the lines. Having been a military nurse myself I think I can identify with some of this hisorical fiction. Although I must add I am not old enough to have served in the civil war :-)

Another novel, Church and State, is a story of an America where Christianity is outlawed and the President becomes a Christian. Sounds intriguing.

Why I am a Christian and More Questions to Examine Your Faith contains 200 questions to make you re-examine your beliefs in order to grow and improve. I think we could all do with relooking at our basic beleifs and be ready to give answers to those who ask questions. I certainly intend reaifn this in the very near future.

Next up is another historical novel, A Hearth in Candlewood. This is the first in a trilogy so if you read this it may leave you in the position of having to buy the next 2 books to finish the story. Perssonally I don't have a problem with this as the author has been kind enough to give me one free I am happy to support them by buying the remainder. However, if you are on a tight budget :-)

The next book, How Did I get Here, is a novel, about a Pastor, who although outwardly successful, is struggling with many weaknesses that he is trying to hide. Set in modern day America I think this looks really good

So that's my first installment of free kindle books. I hope you enjoy them and I will be blogging some more Christian books in the near future. Keep looking back, or sign up to the blogg so you don't miss out.  In the meantime, tomorrow I will be blogging again with some of my other favourite genres, Mystery, Thriller, Action Adventure and a little bit of Romance. Watch this space as they say.

I will sign off by reiterating that these books are not usually free for long, so if you like them, get downloading and enjoy all that reading.   For all those going on holiday this is an ideal way to fill up that kindle and take lots of lovely new books and authors away with you