Saturday, 28 June 2014

Book Review: The Reckoning by Rennie Airth

Sorry I have been MIA recently Bookaholic's but I do have an admiral excuse. I have been writing and putting on a murder mystery dinner to raise money for charity. This was the first outing for Detective Inspector Shona McKenzie and her sidekick Detective Sergeant Peter Johnston both of whom were from my books. However, I am not going to be talking about my books today, but bring you a review of a fabulous historical mystery. 

The usually quiet Sussex countryside is disturbed by the murder of a prominent local. This looks like it could be tied in to another murder which was committed many miles away in Scotland. Despite having retired, ex Met police officer John Madden finds himself right at the heart of the investigation. This is not an on the edge of your seat type thriller, but it is still, somehow, absorbing. The picture of the times is described so vividly I could almost feel the chill of the London fog surrounding me. The setting adds to the mystery. The characterisation is excellent and I could just imagine the characters who made up the police during the period. They are rough and ready and yet do everything they can to get the job done. The war obviously plays a large part as people are still living in it's looming aftermath. 

John Madden is an excellent character and I am sorry I have not come across him before. This is the first book I have read in the series although it is actually the fourth. I will waste no time in getting the first three in the series, and in fact I am off to do so now. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. A new, to me, author and one I will certainly look out for in the future. 


So there you have it for another day my bookaholic friends. I look forward to meeting back here with you soon with a review of another fabulous book. Who knows which book that will be. Tune in for the next instalment to find out. Until then keep calm and keep reading

Friday, 13 June 2014

Book Review: Kidnapped by Dee Henderson

Today on the blog I bring you an excellent Christian Romantic Suspense book by highly talented author Dee Henderson.

I like Dee Henderson and have been meaning to read this one for some time. I eventually pulled it off the bookshelf and I am glad I did. There are many strengths in this book and one of these is the characters. I really liked the characters and they somehow seemed real to me. I cared about what happened to them and this is the sign of a good author. The plot moved along well and there were some excellent twists and turns which I never saw coming. The ending was good and the book built up to a real climax. As I say it is an easy read and one to curl up with and read when you have a day to spare.

One caveat. This book is a reprint of the fourth in the uncommon hero series. It has a new title and this is not made clear on the cover. People could buy this inadvertently and I feel that this is somewhat underhand of the publishers. This is not necessary, as people will buy the book if they have not read it previously. Other than this I would highly recommend.


So there we have it for another day on Bookaholic. See you all back here soosn with another review of a great book fro you to read.