Saturday, 15 July 2017

Evernote for Authors and Public Speakers

I think I can safely assume that everyone who requires a tool for recording notes on computers and mobiles, has heard of Evernote. I have been using the free version for many years now. However, about a year ago I made the decision to move over to the paid version. I do not regret that decision for a minute. So, I thought I would take some time to explain why I think it is so good for authors and Public Speakers.

At its basic level the app works as a notebook. Nothing earth shattering about this I hear you say. I have a notes app on my phone/tablet/computer. Not like this you don't. The ability to sort notes into notebooks is writers gold. I have a notebook for each of my series, sub notebooks for the individual books, and notes within these. Everything I need for all my writing projects in one place. 

However, this is so much more than just a notebook. If I see something which inspires me for any of my books I quickly snap a picture and send it to the relevant notebook. I can then jot notes underneath and add audio if I want to. Therefore I can capture the sights and sounds, if not the smells. Knowing how technology is moving on it wouldn't surprise me if we were able to add smells one day. 

I have added Evernote Clipper to my web browser. If I come across a blog, or article, which is helpful then I merely click on clipper and it is saved to Evernote. I use these for both writing, and for public speaking. If I am talking about book marketing and see a useful article I will send it to the relevant notebook for Presentations/BookMarketing. It is there when I go to prepare the presentation. All my research appears together in the relevant folder. 

Tagging notes helps you to find them more easily and adding location is useful for remembering where you were when inspiration struck, or photos were taken.  

Another way in which I use Evernote is for writing my books. If I have a few minutes to spare and an idea comes to me I pull out my phone and start to write. When I get to the manuscript proper, it is a simple matter of copying and pasting to Word, or whatever programme you use for writing. One word of warning here, Evernote uses the Times Font. You will need to change it to Times New Roman for anything you copy and paste, or whatever font you are using.

Lastly, and my favourite feature, anything added on one device will synch in seconds to all the other devices where Evernote is loaded. So write on your phone, copy and paste on your computer. Superb. 

I hope I have convinced you that Evernote is well worth investing in for all those who are writing or public speaking. By the way, I am not on commission. I have no investment in the programme other than loving it. I wanted others to know just how useful it can be. 

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Wendy H. Jones is the award winning author of the best selling DI Shona McKenzie Mystery series of crime novels set in Dundee. Killer's Crew, the fifth booking the series was released in November, 2016 and won the Books Go Social Book of the Year 2017. Dagger's Curse, the first book in her Fergus and Flora, Young Adult Mystery series was released on 10th September, 2016 and is currently shortlisted for the Woman Alive Readers Choice Award 2017. She also has one non fiction book, Power Packed Book Marketing: Sell More Books.