Thursday, 24 September 2015

Book Review: The Jazz Files

I have a treat for you today my bookaholic friends. I am reviewing a rip roaring historical crime novel starring Poppy Denby.

This is the first in the Poppy Denby series and I am already looking forward to the next. Poppy is an engaging character, well rounded and full of life. I could imagine her perfectly. At the start of the book she has moved to London to look after her elderly aunt, Dot. Dot encourages her to apply for a job amd she soon finds herself working as a junior reporter at The Globe. When one of the reporters dies, Poppy sets ou to investigate. This leads to an excellent mystery which I found hard to put down. The story is well written amd the characters real and interesting. There is a good pace and this is maintained throughout the book. Overall, this is a well written mystery which I would highly recommend.

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That's it for another bookaholic day. Who knows what book I will be reviewing next. Tune in to find out. Until then, keep reading.

Monday, 21 September 2015

All Together at CRT by Eleanor Watkins

Today on bookaholics we have a guest post by highly talented and prolific children's writer, Eleanor Watkins.

I spent the first part of this week at CRT (Christian Resources Together) at their annual retreat in Derbyshire, and I haven’t quite come down to earth again yet! My forty-third book, The Village, historical fiction for YA, was to be launched with Books to Treasure. It was my first time at CRT, and I’d rather expected it to be busy, bustling, and all about business, networking, making deals and selling goods. Serious business stuff!

How wrong could I have been! All of the above were happening, it was busy and often noisy, and hard work for the stall holders, staff and people behind the scenes. But along with all that, what stood out for me was the sense of excitement, expectancy, hope and sheer joy! Old friendships were reaffirmed, new friendships made, amazing coincidences discovered, interesting people met, inspiring experiences shared. We listened to some excellent speakers, applauded those who won awards in their particular fields, helped one another, prayed together, laughed a lot, sometimes shed a few tears.

Above all, there was the feeling that we, as Christians, however diverse our particular activities, were all part of a bigger whole, all on the same journey, sharing the same goals, eager to share the good news that there is light in this dark world. And that, for all of us, the foundation we all stand firm upon is the solid rock of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The last worship session, with a message from Rob Parsons, was special, and summed it up for me. With illustrations from his own family life, he reminded us that whoever we are, however high-flying or humble, we are precious. We are loved. We have a place in God’s Kingdom, and we have been brought to the Kingdom for such a time as this. The words of a well-known song adapted from an old hymn by Edward Mote, shown by Rob in a film clip of his 4-year old grandson singing in the street at a time when his mother was gravely ill, say it all:

‘ Christ alone, cornerstone,

Weak made strong, in the Saviour’s love,

Through the storm, he is Lord,

Lord of all.’

Can’t wait for next year’s CRT retreat!
Thank you Eleanor. Eleanor's latest book, The Village was launched at CRT.

You can find out more about Eleanor and her books on her Amazon Author Page

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Book Review: The Peace Garden by Fiona Veitch Smith

Good morning Bookaholics. I trust you are all well and enjoying whatever book you are reading. If you are looking for a new book then today I bring you a cracker of a crime thriller. 

This is a book on two levels. At its most basic it is about a young girl who sets out to investigate why plants are going missing in an English suburb. This seemingly simple premise leads to an exciting thriller which takes the reader on a roller coaster ride. It plays out in both England and South Africa. This is during the apartheid era and the depiction of life for black South Africans during this time is superb. The characters are well rounded and come across as real. The reader can almost palpably feel the anger emanating from Thabo, a young Black teenager. Natalie, the main character is also real and the reader sees her grow and develop throughout the book. 

The settings also play a large part in the book. They are beautifully drawn and the reader can imagine them perfectly. Veitch Smith contrasts them and then skillfully pulls them together. 

Fiona Veitch Smith is an excellent writer and I look forward to reading more from her. This is a book I can highly recommend.  You can buy it by clicking on the link below. 


So there we have it for another day Bookaholics. See you all back here soon. Until then, keep reading. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Village by Eleanor Watkins

Good morning bookaholics. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Life has been busy and I've been at 2 conferences. More about them later. In the meantime I have a review of a fabulous YA book for you..

The Village is set in an English Village during the time of the plague. It is seen from the viewpoint of three different children - Ellen, William and Sam. Each child is unique and I love the way we see the village and the effects of the Black Death through their different perspectives. The book is well researched and great attention paid to historical detail. However, do not be fooled into thinking that this is a dry book as it is not. The story is fascinating and kept me reading to find out what happens next. I genuinely could not put it down.

The attention to detail in this book is exquisite. At the top of each chapter there is a small illustration. This illustration is repeated on the page number. The icon is different for each character so emphasizes the character who is speaking in the particular chapter. I love this. It demonstrates that a great deal of thought has gone into it's production. All kudos to the publisher, Books to Treasure. 

This is a book which I can highly recommend. Children will love it and I am sure adults will too. 

Amazon UK The Village

Amazon USA The Village

There we have it for another week bookaholics.  See you back here soon.

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in return for an honest review. At no time was I asked to provide a positive review. This is based on my reading, and enjoyment, of the book.