Monday, 21 September 2015

All Together at CRT by Eleanor Watkins

Today on bookaholics we have a guest post by highly talented and prolific children's writer, Eleanor Watkins.

I spent the first part of this week at CRT (Christian Resources Together) at their annual retreat in Derbyshire, and I haven’t quite come down to earth again yet! My forty-third book, The Village, historical fiction for YA, was to be launched with Books to Treasure. It was my first time at CRT, and I’d rather expected it to be busy, bustling, and all about business, networking, making deals and selling goods. Serious business stuff!

How wrong could I have been! All of the above were happening, it was busy and often noisy, and hard work for the stall holders, staff and people behind the scenes. But along with all that, what stood out for me was the sense of excitement, expectancy, hope and sheer joy! Old friendships were reaffirmed, new friendships made, amazing coincidences discovered, interesting people met, inspiring experiences shared. We listened to some excellent speakers, applauded those who won awards in their particular fields, helped one another, prayed together, laughed a lot, sometimes shed a few tears.

Above all, there was the feeling that we, as Christians, however diverse our particular activities, were all part of a bigger whole, all on the same journey, sharing the same goals, eager to share the good news that there is light in this dark world. And that, for all of us, the foundation we all stand firm upon is the solid rock of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The last worship session, with a message from Rob Parsons, was special, and summed it up for me. With illustrations from his own family life, he reminded us that whoever we are, however high-flying or humble, we are precious. We are loved. We have a place in God’s Kingdom, and we have been brought to the Kingdom for such a time as this. The words of a well-known song adapted from an old hymn by Edward Mote, shown by Rob in a film clip of his 4-year old grandson singing in the street at a time when his mother was gravely ill, say it all:

‘ Christ alone, cornerstone,

Weak made strong, in the Saviour’s love,

Through the storm, he is Lord,

Lord of all.’

Can’t wait for next year’s CRT retreat!
Thank you Eleanor. Eleanor's latest book, The Village was launched at CRT.

You can find out more about Eleanor and her books on her Amazon Author Page


  1. Brilliant, Eleanor. You've summed it all up so elegantly and so truthfully and joyously. Thank you, Wendy, for bringing this to us all. xx

    1. You are welcome Mel. Eleanor did sum it up well