Wednesday, 27 June 2012

More free Christian ebooks

I know I promised some Murder, Mysteries, thrillers etc., however time and domestic crisis have overtaken me this week, so the crime blog has been missed out and here we are with another swag of freebie Christian ebooks. Hopefully, there is something for everyone in here. Same caveat as previously, I don't get time to read all these whilst they are free, so it is down to the individual to look and see which ones they like and download.

First out of the stable this time is in fact a thriller about a former Hassidic jew and a Christian Gypsy who are trying to save an entire Romanian village from certain destruction. I like the look of this, and it's just my type of book, thriller and Christian all rolled into one Soul Runner: A Novel of High Adventure

Now, much as I like children, I wouldn't like to be in this girls shoes. After the sudden death of her sister and brother-in-law, Aggie has just inherited eight children Ready or Not (Aggies Inheritance)

Another Christian thriller. An armed man bursts into a police department and starts to shoot everyone in his path before blowing himself up Mourning Reign

This next book is a story of two parts, one fiction and the other fact. It is about the state of the American church today. However, this could also apply to the UK The Document - Americas Final Hope Version 2
How one woman kept her faith through multiple times of trouble. I think I need to let this book speak for itself He Kept His Promise (How Do You Stand on the Word of God when the Legs of Faith are Broken)
For all the married couples out there, despite the title this looks to be a sound book on how to strengthen your marriage  We all Married Idiots: Three Things you Will Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can
So hopefully enough here to keep you busy for the next few days. Hope you found something you like and enjoy reading them

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