Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Bad Christian's Manifesto by Dave Tomlinson

Today's book is a completely different type of Christian book. 

Dave Tomlinson is a Church of England Vicar who opens the church doors to all those whom society may reject. The tagline says reinventing God and this is what and this is what Dave Tomlinson does, both in the pages of this book and in real life. Not a total reinvention per se, but reinventing the way we look at God.

It is obvious that Dave is a deep thinker and has a love for God's people that shines of the pages of this book. Some of the things he says in the book resonate with me and I am sure will resonate with many other readers. This is not an easy read in that it makes you think about the prejudices that you may hold. Many of these are deep seated and come from the view of the Church in which you grew up. Dave challenges us to let go of these prejudices and to enter into dialogue with the people of God. He asks us to get to know people better and to demonstrate God's love and compassion to them.

Do I believe that this book is necessary for the times in which we live. Yes.
Do I agree with every single word which is written. No. However, this is true of many other books Christian, or non Christian, which I read.
Do I think Christian's should read this book. A categorical Yes, with no qualifications.

I would recommend this book to all Christians. In today's society we all need to think about how we react to, and treat, people. It ill help you to think about the way you are demonstrating the love of God in the world today. 

Please note that the book is not available for purchase until 11 09 14. Following the link you will be able to preorder the book.


To my US readers I apologise there is no link. You can find the book by searching on Amazon US. 

That's it for another day on Bookaholic. See you all again soon with another great review. Until then grab yourself a new book and keep reading.

I was given a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review. I was not, at any time, asked to provide a positive review. The review is based on my reading of and enjoyment of the book. 


  1. When I read how one of his previous books, 'How to be a bad Christian' I was offended and disagreed profoundly with him about several of his comments after only a few pages. I'm so glad that I battled past this as there were some really helpful thoughts in that book that I took away. Thank you for your review.

    1. I agree you do not keep going as he raises many important points which all Christians should take on board. Thannk you for your comment