Monday, 25 August 2014

Sycamore Row by John Grisham

Good morning Bookaholics, and what a lovely morning it is too. Well it is in Scotland anyway. Whatever the weather, I am sure you will enjoy today's book. What a book this is too.

It is some time since I have read a John Grisham, Mainly because I had pretty much read them all. When I fell across this one in the library I grabbed it and read it as soon as I got home. Now I started it on Saturday night and spent ally day Sunday reading it. I was actually planning on working on my website rather than reading, so that will show you how good this book is.

Jake Brigance is a lawyer who we met in one of Grisham's previous books. Brigance is white. He is asked by Seth Hubbard, who is also white, to deal with his final will. Seth has left all his money to his black housekeeper, and this is in historically racial Mississippi. As can be understood, the dead man's family are not happy about this and object. This leads to an outstanding legal thriller. The story line is superb and moves the book along a t cracking pace. The characters are so well drawn that they seem to leap of the page. Some of them are eccentric, and one of those whom I particularly liked was the judge. We need judges like this in real life. Lettie Lang, the housekeeper is also a great character who finds herself both bewildered and excited about what is happening to her.

This is no dry courtroom drama. There are twists and turns aplenty which keep you reading 'just one more chapter'. I may not have finished my website, but I have read a book which I can now highly recommend.

This is only £1.99 for the ebook at the moment. You can click on the above link and then click kindle which will take you to the correct page.

That is it for now Bookaholics. See you all back here soon for another great review. Grab this book. I am sure you will enjoy it. 


  1. Always enjoy your recommendations, Wendy, and as I haven't read Grisham, this looks like a perfect place to start again. Thanks. And waahh...wanna go to Scotland! Hope you're well :-)

    1. Thank you Diane. I am glad you enjoyed the review. You must come to Scotland one day

  2. In case this didn't go through the first time, Wendy:
    It's on my bucket list, for sure. Met 2 lovely women from Kinross...on a cruise years ago. We still keep in touch--and I'd so love to see them again as well as your lovely country

    1. It would be great to see you here in Scotland one day Diane