Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Book Review: Rowan's Rule by Rupert Shott

I know it is not often I bring you a biography on Bookaholic but today I am reviewing a cracker. This is one of the most interesting books I have read in a long time. The Biography of Rowan William's, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

I believed Rowan Williams to be a very complex man and was interested to read this book. However, I did think it had the potential to be a somewhat difficult read. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that this was not the case. The writing style is clear but the book is still an in depth look at the life of the former Archbishop of Canterbury. It draws a portrait of a man who was intensely spiritual from an early age. Academically bright, he shone in the world of academia, and yet remained humble. The book shows that there was so much more to Rowan Williams over and above what was portrayed in the media and his public life. During his time as Archbishop of Canterbury he wrestled with many issues which still plague the Church of England today. He had to make difficult decisions which affected him deeply, many of which went against his own personal feelings. Yet he put the church and it's best interests ahead of his own interests. He was also deeply evangelical, and ecumenical, and worked tirelessly with churches of other denominations. He was respected by all those leaders with whom he came into contact.

This is a fascinating portrayal of a man whose life was given over to serving the God whom he loved. However, it is so much more than that. It is also a social exploration of the the Church of England and the way in which it has developed over several decades. I would highly recommend this book. It is not in any way stuffy and in fact is an enjoyable read which is full of interest. This version has been updated and contains new material.

I was given a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. This review is based on my reading of, and enjoyment of, the book. I was never at any time asked to provide a positive review.

The link above is to buy from the UK site. Apologies to my readers in US but there is no link for the US book. You will be able to do a search and find it easily.

So there we have it for another day. What will I pull out of the bookcase for my next offering. Join me back here soon to find out. Until then keep reading.

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