Saturday, 6 April 2013

Social Media Just for Writers by Frances Caballo

I've been on a bit of a social media frenzy recently, hence the second posting of a social media book in a few days. However, I make no apologies for having included this book in my blog and once you have read the blog I am sure you will understand why.
Although this may be a rather niche book it certainly packs a punch for all those writers who want to extend their social media reach. It does not try to overextend itself but focuses on the following social media channels
  • Facebook
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Blogging
I think this is a good thing as it goes into each of those in depth. This means that you will be able to use each of these social media channels to their full extent if you follow the advice.
The book takes you through each of these in clear stages outlining ways in which the writer can maximise their use for reaching readers and marketing. The book drills down as far as how to change settings to ensure that each channel is optimised for maximum reach. However, it does not do this at the expense of privacy.
For each social media setting there is also a list of apps which can be used to support their use by writers. These can be free to expensive but an explanation is given for each. The author is not trying to sell you on any one of these but merely explains how they can help.
Hints and tips are given throughout the book and their are clear and detailed screen shots to support the text. Social media etiquette is also covered and particularly how this relates to writers. I thought the hints and tips on all chapters were excellent but the section on blogging was particularly good.

The last chapter goes further than social media and talks about other ways in which you can market your books. This again is choc full of good advice.
Because of the screen shots I have included the links to the print copies of these books. However, it is also available for kindle at a reduced price. I would highly recommend this book for all writers. I would consider myself extremely social media savvy but I learnt a lot from this book. As I have not yet published my novel some of the advice will have to wait. However it will allow me to prepare and I will be good to go when my book is published.
If anyone knows of any other great social media books then it would be great if you could mention them in the comments. I usually finish my blog by saying have a good week reading but I suppose in this case I should say;
Have an awesome week writing and ramping up that social media marketing


  1. If I ever had a novel published, I think this sort of book would be a great help.

    I know what social networks are out there, and how to update them, but actually making sure the message reaches the right people is another thing entirely.

    Gavin C.

  2. Hi Gavin. You are right. If you have written a book or are writing one now is the time to start using social media. Building up a network of friends and acquaintances means there is a lot of support out there and people are amenable to your book when it finally arrives.

  3. Hi, I blog. And write. So this might be a good book for me to check out.

  4. Hi Lacey. It's a great book. I don't regret buying it as it has been so useful. Have you got a link for your blog and I'll check it out

  5. I'm a writer, and I've read several books on social media. I've found that, while there are some great books out there, I haven't found one that applies to me quite yet. This might be just the thing. Thank you!

  6. Hope you find it useful Julia. I am sure you will

  7. Sent for book on your recommendation. Looks great. Thank you for all your very helpful reviews and links etc. you're right on the button for me. Thank you.

  8. You are welcome Christine. I am sure you will find this book really useful. Glad you like the recommendations

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    1. Sorry James, I have just seen this. I certainly will. I am learning more all the time. If you follow the blog you will get any updates to your email. I am glad you found the post helpful