Sunday, 28 April 2013

An Affair of Deceit by Jamie Michele - Romantic Thriller

I am certainly spreading my wings as far as books go recently. Also I know the blogs have been coming thick and fast. As a writer I am also aware that I need to feed my passion for reading and I have being doing that this weekend. I am taking a break from the reading to review this book as I liked it so much.

This is the first one of Jamie Michele's books I have read and it certainly wont be the last. This is a top notch thriller which can certainly hold it's own in the genre.

Abigail Mason's father has gone missing, which is a bit of a surprise to her. This is because, as far as she is concerned, he has been missing for 20 years. Now he has completely dropped off the radar and the CIA are looking for him. In comes Agent James Riley who is tasked with finding him. As this is a romantic suspense it will not come as a surprise to learn that the pair have an increasing attraction to each other. This, however, fits in well and the two stories work together. There are thrills and spills aplenty and the action takes place worldwide.

Mason demonstrates a good knowledge of the locations and describes them well. There is definitely tension and suspense in this book and some things I just did not see coming. An explosive finish adds to the overall excitement of the book. I found I wanted to keep reading and could not put the book down.

The only thing I would say that in this book there are a couple of sections of adult content that you need to be aware of. The adult sections are not my cup of tea but I passed over them and didn't miss any of the action in the process. Otherwise this is an excellent book which I would highly recommend.

As I am still on my reading frenzy I am sure I will see you again soon. Until then curl up with a good book and forget the world.

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