Friday 26 April 2013

Word Up by Marcia Riefer Johnston - Grammar and Writing


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My blog this week takes another turn from the normal and reviews a book on Grammar and Writing. This is not just aimed at authors but anyone who wants to improve their writing.

No matter what type of writing you do from School assignments to novels, this is the book for you. If I say the rules of English Grammar can be somewhat trying then I am sure I speak for the majority of us. However, help is now at hand in this clearly laid out guide. The chapters are short and sharp but pack a powerful punch. The examples are excellent and so clear that they are easy to understand. I am sure you will have several eureka moments throughout the book. I am currently writing a novel and I found myself regularly running to my computer to make changes. I even changed the previous sentence based on having read Word Up. A ture sign that the book has impacted on my writing. Marcia Riefer Johnston provides clarity in the often puzzling world of grammar and sentence structure.

Marcia herself has an excellent writing style which is light and fun. However, so not let this fool you into thinking that this is not an excellent book. It covers an important topic in such a way that it is easy to understand.

A welcome entry to the market which I would highly recommend everyone read. This is a reference book, a resource which you will want to keep for many years to come.

As an added bonus if you go to Marcia's Website How to Write Everything with blogs about writing and exercises teachers can use with the book. This is a very professional and useful site so a great resource.

I was fortunate to be given an advance readers copy of this book. However I was not asked to provide a positive review. The review is honest and fair based on my enjoyment of the book and my perception of its usefulness as a resource.

Please note this book is currently only available from Amazon US. As this changes I will update the blog with the appropriate link. However, if you are in the Uk and want this book more quickly I do think it is worth the cost of purchasing from the states.


  1. If I buy another book on grammar to put on my already bulging-with-grammar-books shelves, my husband will start divorce proceedings. But it looks like a good one.

  2. Maybe not then Fran. I would hate to be the cause of a divorce.

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    1. Hey Jo. How cool. I'll get to it tomorrow as I've just seen your comment :-)