Sunday, 21 April 2013

All Things Writing

I know this is a book review blog but every so often I update you on my life as a writer. Regular readers of this blog will know that it is some time since I have done this.

My first novel, Killers Countdown, is now completed and has been drafted, redrafted and edited. It has been read by three beta readers, all of whom said they loved it. I have entered it in to the Dundee International Book Prize and am currently waiting to see if I have been shortlisted. This involves a lot of patience and hope. 

I have now started on my second novel which I am calling Killers Craft at present. This is the second in the DI Shona McLeod Mysteries set in Dundee. Now the fact that it is set in Dundee has caused me somewhat of a problem with this second book. Whilst I was writing the first one Shona McLeod was in the CID in the Tayside Police. On 1st April this year the police in Scotland were reorganised into one Scotland wide force and everything was renamed. However, the police in Dundee have come up trumps and my local police Sergeant is coming round to see me next week to give me a complete overview of all the new arrangements. How helpful is that? 

Whilst talking about being helpful I have been so fortunate in terms of people helping me out. Proofreading and content editing have been carried out and a graphic designer has designed both digital and print copy covers. These covers are excellent and highly professional. The reason that I am not showing you these is because whether they are used or not depends on whether I go down the traditional or self publishing route. I am extremely grateful to all those who have helped me. 

At the moment I am doing a lot of research into my next book and reading several books on writing. These have really helped me to develop my writing. I have also done a couple of online writing courses through Universal Class. You can access these free through your local library and they are on a number of topics. I did Introduction to Creative Writing and Mystery Writing 101, both excellent courses. I am currently doing one on The Rules of English Grammar. I thought I was fairly good at Grammar but I take it all back. 

In terms of planning my novel I am using an App for my iPad called Index Card. This basically allows you to post index cards to a virtual pin board. It is excellent and helps me to keep track of my characters and the plot of the story. Essential when writing a mystery. 

All in all it has been a heady journey so far. Writing is exciting and so much fun and I am having a whale of a time. I only hope my readers get as much enjoyment out of it as I do. 


  1. Looking forward to purchasing my copy and sharing with my friends!

    1. Thank you. Whatever way it happens it will be published