Saturday, 30 March 2013

Social Media Made Easy - Book Review

Social Media is a rapidly changing culture and I think it is important that we stay abreast of these changes. That is, if we want to ensure we are using them in the most appropriate way to suit our needs. This book has just been published, and as such is the most up to date book currently available.
This is basically an overview of the different social media sites which  are around today. It takes a simple approach which is commensurate with the title of the book. It is not a big book so most areas are covered briefly with greater emphasis on the more popular sites. I am quite social media savvy so in some ways I found this book a bit simple. I did, however, learn some new things. If you are fairly new to using social media and/or want to develop your use of social media then this is an excellent book. As a resource in this area I do not think it can be beaten.
Where this book really comes into its own is the section on using social media for business and marketing. I found I learnt a lot from this and I am sure anyone who has a professional use for social media would find the same. The book is worth it for this section alone.
Is the book worth the money and your time? It is definitely worth your time. However, unless you want to keep and refer back to this, I would recommend you request it from your local library.
No I'm off to share my blog using social media, so the book was worth it to me. I'll be back soon with another book review, so until then keep reading. 


  1. I will have to check it out. My social media skills could use some improvement!

  2. I hope you find it useful John. I certainly did and I also learnt about On my way! Social media sites of which I had never heard before

  3. hmm I might have to check it out. Thanks for the review, social media is one of my biggest ways for traffic. It's great because its FREE!!

  4. This is so true Colton. As I say, if you are already pretty social media savvy it might be worth getting a copy from your local library rather than buying it. Hope it helps

  5. I will have to look this book up, Wendy. There is always something to learn from these types of books.

  6. It's a good book as an introduction Jill and as I say good section on social media marketing