Sunday, 24 March 2013

Private Berlin - Thriller by James Patterson

Private Berlin (Private 3)
I have been a huge fan of James Patterson but recently have to admit to being somewhat disappointed in his books. However the Private series is excellent and up to his initial high standard. This latest in the series is written jointly with Mark Sullivan.
This time the action takes place in Berlin and the authors have taken a great deal of care to ensure details, both contemporary and historical, are correct. Berlin is described perfectly including the areas of east Berlin built by the former GDR. One can completely picture the greyness and the general air of depression which surrounds them.
One of Private's investigators have gone missing and his ex fiancé, Mattie Engel, also an investigator for Private, is desperate to find him. She is aware that there are areas of his past which haunt him, one of the reasons that they split up. All the characters are expertly drawn and I found myself picturing them as though they were in my sitting room. All I can say is I'm glad they weren't though as the bad guys are truly evil.

This book is non stop action. There are enough twists, turns, blind alleys and red herrings to keep the most ardent of thriller readers happy. The plot is complex but Patterson and Sullivan bring all of the threads together seamlessly. The ending is explosive and the tension is ramped up to have you on the edge of your seat. This is an excellent thriller which I would highly recommend.
Having written this blog I am now off to the bookcase to see which book I am going to read next. Join me in the next bookaholic blog ready to see what I will pull out of the bag next. Until then keep reading.

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