Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Last Camel Died at Noon - Historical Murder Mystery


I am still devouring murder mysteries like they are going to be removed any minute, but had to take time out blog about this one. Elizabeth Peters writing style is superb and the Amelia Peabody books always make me want to reach for my passport and head for more exotic climes. This one is no exception.

I love this book and would buy it for the title alone. It mmediatley conjures up images of The Middle East and recalcitrant camels. There are many recalcitrant camels in this book and having ridden one I can assure you that Elizabeth Peters is spot on with her descriptions.

In this jolly good story Emerson and Amelia are excavating archeological sites in the Sudan and before you know it up to their necks in trouble. Dead bodies abound and the murder mystery aspect is excellent.

However, this is so much more than a mere murder mystery. Elizabeth Peters has an evocative writing style which means you can picture the exotic scenes perfectly. The characters are described vividly and I could almost picture myself talking to them. The sites and sounds of the Egypt and the Sudan are described perfectly. Their son Ramses is now 10 and up to his usual mischief. As well as being a murder mystery this book is also laugh out loud funny. It is set in Victorian times and gives you a glimpse of life in the British Upper Classes.

I also liked the Archeological spect of these books which are extremely well researched. You learn a lot whilst reading a very entertaining novel.

Although the books can be read as a stand alone it would be better to read the first book of the series, Crocodile in the Sandbank, before moving on to the others. This will give you the story of how Amelia and Emerson met and sets the tone for the remainder of the books.

If you like historical murder mysteries you will love this series. I would highly recommend this book and any others by Elizabeth Peters who is an excellent Writer


  1. Love the title of that book. Found you from the G+ group. All the best to you!

  2. Thanks Shirletta. The title is great isn't it

  3. Hi, Elizabeth Peteres is one of my favorite mystery authors. Love you review.

  4. Hi Mary. Mine too. Glad you liked the review