Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Lily Bard Mysteries by Charlaine Harris

Shakespeare's Landlord: A Lily Bard Mystery     Shakespeare's Champion: Lily Bard: Book Two

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Shakespeare's Christmas: A Lily Bard Mystery

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Shakespeare's Trollop: A Lily Bard Mystery   Shakespeare's Counselor: A Lily Bard Mystery
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My blogs seem to be like the number 17 bus - none for ages and then they all come at once. This is because I am pretty much finished writing my first book and am cogitating on the story for the next in the series. Therefore I am taking time to relax and enjoy reading other people's books.
I don't often write about entire series but I enjoyed the five books in this one so much I just had to tell everyone about them. I have put the covers and the links in order to help you if you are interested in reading them. For all my readers in Dundee, Scotland you can also get them from the public library as I did. Oh, just in case you think I am favouring Dundee, I'm sure other public libraries stock them as well.
These books are set in the picturesque town of Shakespeare, Arkansas, USA. Lily Bard, a professional cleaner, and martial arts expert has settled in the town, having flown from the demons of her past. You learn about these and what drives her in the first book. As the books progress more of Lily's personality and past life are unfurled.
However, these are excellent mysteries and each one can be read as a stand alone. The cover and the names led me to believe these were cosy mysteries, but do not be fooled. These books have enough murders and dead bodies to satisfy the most hardened of officianados. Of course Lily, despite being a cleaner, soon finds herself knee deep in investigating the mysteries. This is where the martial arts training comes in useful. There is also some romance in there but it blends in well and does not detract form the mystery aspect. It helps to make Lily seem more real.
I loved these books and found myself reading them one after the other. In fact I read two today. I would like to assure you that they are full length books. I am just an extraordinarly fast reader.
If you like murder mysteries then I would highly enjoy these. Look out for the next blog which will be coming soon as I am on to my next book already. Until then, keep reading.


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