Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Fixer by T.E. Woods - Top Notch Thriller

We're back to book reviews today with a thriller that you will not want to put down.

This is the first novel by psychologist T.E. Woods and what a cracker it turned out to be. The book is described as a fast paced thriller and that it certainly is. The basic premise of the book is that a hired killer is targeting people in the same town. At the same time a troubled young woman with a multitude of demons is being seen by a psychologist. There are multiple plot lines but I won't go into these as this would spoil the book. Needless to say the plot lines are well done and tightly interwoven which makes this an enjoyable read.

There are many surprises in this book. Just when you think you are getting to grips with the storyline, you turn a corner and, wham. you a re off on anew path. Far from distracting, this makes for a gripping book where you keep reading to fined out what will happen next. I can assure you, you will never be disappointed.

The characterisation in this book is exquisite with characters so deep you need a mineshaft to get to the bottom of them. These people are real, with demons which would floor the best of us. Are the bad guys, good guys,? Are the good guys, bad guys? is anyone who they say they are, or seem to be? The interplay between the characters is excellent with every possible combination of dialogue from humour to pathos and everything in-between. The book plays on your emotions like a virtuoso on a grand piano, using every possible note at their disposal.

I loved this book and would highly recommend it. This book is not available until February 2014. It appears to have been self published previously but is now being published through Alibi. However, I would highly recommend preordering as this book is Top Notch.

I was given a copy of this book by Net Galley in return for an honest review. This review is not in any way biased and is based on my reading, and real enjoyment, of the book.


  1. The book cover alone makes me want to read this book. I LOVE a thriller that keeps me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to read this! Have you heard of the book, "Chasing A Miracle" by author Eliot H. Bailey? I just finished it, and LOVED every single page of it! Everyone needs/wants/welcomes a miracle of some form or the other to happen to them!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Robyn. Will definitely check it out