Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Buzz by Anders de la Motte - Second in a Breathtaking Swedish Trilogy

In my last blog I told you that I couldn't wait to read the next book in this superb trilogy. I barely had time to draw breath from the first book than off the action started again. To show you how good it was, here I am reviewing it two days later. If you missed the review of the first book, Game, you can read it Here

This is the second book in the brilliant new trilogy from Anders de La Motte. In this book the game takes a different direction and HP finds himself in a whole new situation. HP is using every talent he has, and there are not many, to uncover the truth about the Game. He is coming close to uncovering what is happening and there are people who are serious about trying to stop him. HP's sister, Rebecca, is herself in a whole lot of trouble and someone is manipulating her life and her career. She would love to be able to discuss this with her brother but he has completely dropped off her radar. Her troubles and situation are very much part of the story. HP is his usual suave self and manages to continue in the game by an explosive mixture of his wits and good luck. Or does he? Several new characters are introduced whilst some from the first book seem to disappear. I am confident they will return in the third book and all loose ends will be tied up and knotted.

This book is as action packed as the first and the surprises just keep coming like mental body blows. I found I and no time to draw breath before, bamm, the next one hits. Anders De La Motte has a penchant for strong books with an ending which leaves you begging for more. I wasn't expecting the ending in this one and cannot wait to read the final book. I would highly recommend this trilogy which must be read in order. The first is Game and this is the second. Do not hesitate to buy it. You will not regret it.

As for me I'm off to read book number three, Bubble. I'll be back very soon with a review. Whilst your waiting, grab the first tow books in this trilogy, grab your favourite beverage, and settle down for a good read.

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