Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Guest Post by Brenda Perlin Author of the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles

Today we have a very special guest post by Author Brenda Perlin who's books are both real and emotional in turns. Welcome Brenda and than you for agreeing to be with us today. 

Author Bio

Brenda Perlin is an independent adult contemporary fiction author. Brenda evokes emotional responses in her readers by using a provocatively unique writing style. Her latest book in the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles, captures the soul-wrenching conflicts of a personal struggle for emotional fulfilment.

Ever since Brenda was a child, she has been fascinated with writing. She draws her biggest inspiration from Judy Blume. This sparked a passion in Brenda to pursue personal expression through writing. Once she was old enough to go to coffee shops alone, Brenda recalls losing herself in the world of writing, all while documenting her ideas on paper napkins.

“There is really no creative process, I just write,” – Brenda Perlin

In these words Brenda has summed up what most writers feel. The compulsion to write is overwhelming and you just write down what is in you heart.

Brenda’s first book, Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles, was published with Master Koda Select Publishing.   Within a short time, the book developed a strong fan base and is continuing to grow as it both entertains its readers and leaves them in a state of profound reflection. In the near future, Brenda would like to have Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles expanded into a trilogy in order to tell the untold stories of her characters.

Brenda has very kindly shared some of herself with us so we could get to know more of her as a person. Thank you for your honesty Brenda and I can see where you get the ideas for your books.

I started writing Shattered Reality when I was just turning thirty and planning my wedding. It was before I became a fitness trainer and not really sure what I wanted to do with my life. I felt a lot of pressure from my then future husband to do more. He said he didn’t care how much money I made as long as I worked hard. That was when I decided I would write my life story and talk about the pressures of growing up as well as the unpleasant business of weddings! I thought it was all a sham. After we were married I realized my husband had it reversed, he didn’t care how hard I worked as long as I made money. After the wedding I put my story down and did not pick it up again until over 15 years later while we were going through a divorce. I never thought this story would ever see the light of day again. Of course I didn’t have anything to exciting to write about back then. ;-)

Shattered Reality (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book One)

Brooklyn Rosen had high moral principles and was raised properly. Married for over fifteen years, those standards went out the window along with her fidelity when she met Bo. After becoming a self-proclaimed home wrecker, Brooklyn left behind her marital home, along with the damage caused by her emotional wrecking ball. But the whispered remarks followed.

In “Shattered Reality” (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book One) we learn what shaped Brooklyn, the trials of an unhappy marriage and a deep abiding love that would not be denied. We meet a troubled, spiteful wife, who does not want to become an “ex”.

Will Brooklyn and Bo survive, or will all be lost to a bitter woman?

Burnt Promises (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book Two)

The main character, Brooklyn must learn many valuable lessons about herself, not without making many costly mistakes along the way. Now that she has found what she considered, her “soul-mate” in Bo, she would have to continue to defend herself against even her closest of friends, family members, and Bo’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Ruth.

This first person account chronicles the inexhaustible struggles she faces with the man that she loves. Brooklyn must learn a thing or two about patience as Bo’s divorce settlement seems to be never ending. Throughout her journey, Brooklyn shares some of Ruth’s intimate emails to Bo and gives you a good look into the mind of a woman scorned.

Thank you so much for visiting us on Bookaholic today Brenda. It has been a pleasure getting to know both about you and your books. I am sure Bookaholic readers will be looking forward to reading your books in the near future. Links for the books can be found on the right hand side of the page.

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  1. Thank you so much Wendy!!!! Beautiful page. I really appreciate you highlighting Shattered Reality and Burnt Promises.

  2. You are very welcome Brenda. It was lovely to have you here

  3. Good post. It's amazing how many women put off their desires for men (family) It is as if that's what is expected. I decided to write after years of doing 'real work' that paid. Now I am writing, which is actually the hardest job I have ever had, and I am definitely my harshest critic. Now, my Hubby is very supportive, thank goodness. So glad Brenda decided to follow her heart.

    1. Good wishes to you Elisabeth!!! Thank you for reading the post and for your kind words!!!