Thursday, 9 January 2014

Meet Karen Magill, Author of Paranormal Fiction

Today I am pleased to welcome paranormal Author Karen Magill to the blog. It is lovely to have you here with us Karen and to get to know more about you and your books.

Karen is the author of three published paranormal novels, the fourth is with the publisher right now and will publish her first non-fiction work in March of 2014.

To connect with Karen, visit her at her Website, peruse her blog, the Vancouver Vagabond or check out her books on her Amazon Page. You can also email her at

Over to you Karen, you have the floor.

People in certain circles know me for my fiction. I write paranormal because I believe anything is possible. However, 2014 is going to be the year people recognize me for my motivational writing and speaking.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in June of 2000, I have always wanted to share my story with others. I want people to know that a diagnosis of a chronic illness doesn’t have to mean the end of your life. It can be a gift. A person has to be willing to accept change and work with it.  I believe that as long as you aren’t six feet under, you are on the right side and anything is possible. Hence, the title of my first non-fiction book, On The Right Side, My Story of Survival and Success. I have scheduled publication of the book, in both eBook and print, for March 5, 2014.

From fantasy to fact. I am making a big jump; I have wanted to write this book for years but could never get it done. I kept starting to write it and wouldn’t be able to get much done. The muse wasn’t there. I guess I never felt ready, never felt like I had a story to tell or one that people would want to hear.  However, when I quit walking with the cane in April of 2013, I knew I now had a story people would want to know.

I have to admit though this is scary. I am looking outside my comfort zone and pushing boundaries into fields I have never been. Like with the motivational speaking. Yes, I like to talk and do quite a lot of it – even though I live alone – but talking in front of a group of people who are looking at me to entertain or inspire them or both is a different matter. And I have never been that good at public speaking. Yet, in order to be where I want to be, I must get over that fear.

I am taking a course on becoming a bestseller and it is full of hints. Some I will use some I am trying to use and others won’t work for me at this time. One hint is to get celebrity endorsements.  

Approaching celebrities and motivational speakers through email to ask for them to read and endorse my book is intimidating.   Ii wonder at times what they must be thinking. Most haven’t answered though the Rick Hansen Foundation requested a PDF so they could consider it. My fingers are crossed.

This is a new area that I am going into. Some of the methods I use to promote fiction won’t work. That is why I am taking the online course. I want to learn as much as I can.

Will I be more successful with non-fiction and motivational speaking? I don’t know. I am looking forward to this journey and hope I can help others. I am not giving up on the fiction though and you can look for a new paranormal novel by me published by Saga Books this year. 2014 should be interesting.

Karen, It has been a pleasure to meet you. It sounds like you have a busy life and I look forward to hearing more in the future about what you are doing. You can find out more about Karen and her books on her Amazon page above. 

Thanks once again for joining us here on bookaholic. 


  1. Thank you for allowing me to let everyone know what is happening in my life. All the best to you Wendy.

    1. Thank you Karen. It was a pleasure to have you guest post on the blog

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