Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Strangling on the Stage by Simon Brett - Crime, Mystery

As far as I am concerned Simon Brett is a legend in the field of mystery writing. His books have kept me on the edge of my seat or in tears of laughter for many years. When I was offered the chance of an advance review copy from the publisher I gratefully accepted - fast.

The Strangling on the Stage is the latest in the Fethering Mysteries, starring meddling pensioners Jude and Carole. Jude is a somewhat eccentric character and Carole reserved. Despite their differences they are the best of friends and a feisty pair of crime fighters. In this book they find themselves involved in the local amateur dramatic society. Needless to say their is a colourful cast of characters and one of them ends up dead, hanging from the noose of what should have been, a stage prop gallows. This is the cue for Jude and Carole to investigate.

I love the characterisation in this book. Despite it being a large cast Brett brings them all to life and it is easy to see them as individuals. Most of them are so loathsome I could have quite cheerfully have killed them myself. Others are endearing but have their own flaws. Jude and Carole continue to develop throughout the series and, as always, we get to know more about them. The interplay between the characters is the crux of this book and it is handled extremely well. So much so that I felt I was on the stage with them. The writing pulled me along at a cracking pace and I wanted to keep reading. If I say I received this book yesterday, and here I am reviewing it, this will tell you just how good it is.

This book will not be released until 31st October 2013 but I would recommend you pre-order or get your local library to place an order. This is a definite must read so do not miss out.

I was given a copy of this book by the publishers in return for a fair and honest review. This review is based on my reading, and enjoyment, of the book.

If you have read any of Simon Brett's previous books you will love this one. If you have not read any of Simon's books previously then you need to rectify that immediately.

So what will this bookaholic pull out of the hat next for review. Find out soon here in bookaholics.