Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Chain of Flames by Tony Cleaver: Gripping Christian Fiction

It has been some time since I have read, or reviewed a Christian book so I thought it was time to rectify that. Today I bring you an excellent offering from Tony Cleaver.

Right from the first sentence this book pulled me in and kept me reading. This is the story of several different characters, all with their own inner demons and/or concerns. Their stories are told in he first half of the book and this can give it a disparate feel. However, Cleaver's, writing is such that I cared deeply about these characters and wanted to know where their stories were going. The characterisation is vivid giving a real sense that you know them intimately. This can be a slightly unsettling feeling which some of the more unsavoury characters.

About half way through the book the stories start to come together and the suspense and tension rose. Cleaver pulls the strands together expertly which made me wonder why I hadn't seen this before. The overall theme of the book is redemption and the way in which lives can be changed through an intimate relationship with God. This is a Christian book and the Christian message is strong. I loved this book and found myself reading it in a day. I would, therefore, highly recommend.

I was given a copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review. I was not asked to give a positive review and have done so based on my reading, and enjoyment, of the book.

What is at the top of my reading list this time? Tune in next time and discover another great book ob Bookaholics

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