Friday, 12 July 2013

The Kabrini Message by J.R. Egles #ActionAdventure #SciFi

It's very exciting today on Bookaholics as we have our first ever guest blogger. I would like to welcome Marie Egles Carhart who is going to tell us about an action adventure, SciFi, book written by her late brother Joe.

Thank you so much for having me on Bookaholics today. I really appreciate this opportunity to share my story with  you.

The Kabrini Message is a sci-fi novel written by my late brother, Joe (J.R. Egles), back in 1987. I only recently discovered Joe’s manuscript (hand typed by our mother) in a box in my attic. It was in a manilla envelope that just said, “Joe’s Book” in my mother’s handwriting. The whole “story-behind-the-story” can be read on the two-part blog post I did, so I won’t repeat the entire thing here.

But basically, after reading The Kabrini Message and becoming entranced by it, I decided it must be published. This “message” just had to make it out of the attic and into the hands of the public. I know everything happens for a reason, when and how it’s supposed to. I believe my “message” in finding this forgotten jewel was to get it out there and right now, twenty-six years after it was written, just must be the right time.

I also wanted to make sure The Kabrini Message was finally published as a gift to both my brother and our mother who always believed in him. I have been “on a mission”…yes, a woman obsessed! But the journey has been a fun, fascinating and educational labor of love and I am thrilled and so very grateful to say that as of January 18, 2013, more than a quarter of a century after it was written, The Kabrini Message is a published novel!

Here is a blurb for The Kabrini Message. I really hope you will all enjoy it and thank you again!

An alien race. A shocking message. Let the evolution begin…

During an archaeological dig in Greece, Jeffrey Driscoll stumbles upon a miraculous find: ancient crystals with celestial coordinates that will connect humankind with the Kabrini, a highly advanced alien civilization. His discovery leads him on a quest from the jungles of Africa to the Islands of Greece, from the streets of London to the tombs of Egypt, from WashingtonD.C. to Los Angeles, Jamaica, and Vienna, and finally to the deepest depths of space and Earth’s first global space effort, the Legacy mission.

When Driscoll Mining and the U.S. Army complete deep space construction of the Kabrini communications network, the Legacy mission is deemed a success. But a dangerous terrorist group hungers for revenge, and Driscoll will stop at nothing to save the project. As his obsession with the Legacy mission spirals out of control, he risks losing everything—his company, his grasp on reality, and the one thing he’s ever truly loved: his wife. And when humankind finally makes contact, they discover the Kabrini Message isn’t exactly what they expected to hear…

Thank you Marie it has been lovely to have you and find out the story behind your brothers book. I am sure the bookaholic readers will enjoy this.

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  1. Thank you for having me, Wendy. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share Joe's story (both "The Kabrini Message" and the story of it's long road out of the attic and into the world!) with your readers!

  2. You are more than welcome. It is my pleasure to have you. I loved Joes story and I am sure my readers did too.

  3. Very nice blog interview, Wendy.

    I enjoyed reading about Joe's book. How wonderful that Marie took it upon herself to publish her brother's book for him. That is a true tribute of love to his memory.

    I wish Marie well with this book.

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    Best regards,

  4. Thank you Janice. Have checked out your blog. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing