Monday, 1 July 2013

Great Books by Candy Ann Little

Today on Bookaholics I am fortunate to be reviewing a couple of great books by Candy Anne Little. One is a Christian Romance and the other a contemporary mystery.

Unforgiving Ghosts

As regular readers of this blog will know I am not a huge romance fan. However, this took my fancy and so it made my reading list. It is the story of Megan Black who flees her hometown without looking back. With no money, and nowhere to live, she finds herself a job, as a cook, with the Peterson family and soon finds herself part of the family. Their son Steven has a soft spot for Megan and is developing romantic . However, this is more than your average romance. There are plenty of twists and turns and surprises. Megan has to deal with the memories and ghosts of her past and this is a large part of the book. Relationships are a large part of this book and I feel Candy Ann Little has written them well, displaying a feeling for all depths of emotion. The ending of the book was a complete surprise to me and a definite twist on the usual romantic fare. This is the type of book which you should add to your summer reading list. Sit in the garden with a glass of something cold, relax and enjoy this book. I would definitely recommend it.

Murder of an Oil Heiress - Coming November 2013

And so on to the murder mystery. This is not released until later in the year but I was fortunate to be given an advance copy. As a mystery this book works well but it is the characterisation where this book really comes in to play. The characters are extremely well written and every aspect of the way in which humans behave can be seen in this book. I felt I could picture each character perfectly and one of them is the most loathsome I have ever come across in a book. I felt like killing them myself. The way the characters interact was also well drawn. I also enjoyed the murder mystery aspect of the book and the way in which it could have been any of the characters who could have committed the murder. The ending has a surprise twists which adds well to the overall plot of the book. This is not an on the edge of your seat type mystery but one which is enjoyable. It is not long but definitely well worth reading. 

At the beginning of the book there is a scene which is adult rated. However this is completely in context and sets the scene for the subsequent events. 

So grab yourself one of Candy's books and find yourself a new author today. In the meantime I'm off to  spend some time writing my own book. I will see you all soon with another great read. 


  1. Wonderful reviews, Wendy! You definitely make me want to grab these books, and I am not a fan of romance, either!

    1. Thanks Nickie!! Wendy Rocks!! She read both books in like 10 days. It takes me a month to read 1 book. LOL!!

    2. Thanks Guys. Candy they were really good and I couldn't put them down. I actually read them in 2 days. I am a prolific and really fast reader, but it is testimony to your books.

  2. Awww, that is so sweet. The best compliment an author can ask for. So you read a book a day? You must be a speed reader. I'm so impressed!!!