Friday, 23 October 2015

The Power of Words

It is now day six of the blogging challenge and I am thinking about words. This is from the point of view of the reader and the writer. Most writers will have had a love affair with words since the first minute their parents read them a story. Without knowing it children are absorbing words and learning how these can fit together to form conversation. During story telling they are learning how these can be used to bring pleasure. The words are supported by the pictures in the book which is being read.

Before long the older child can read stories themselves and the words help them conjure up images in their head. They also start to use words to tell their own stories. Thus writers are born. As writers we take time to craft each word we write. We search for just the right word which will alow the reader to conjure up an image of the scene. Each and every word in our work is thought about and used to create unique sentences. These sentences then form paragraphs, chapters and an entire book.

When reading, the reader is not aware of the individual words. Many of them will not really register, and yet as a whole they pull the reader into the story as in the picture above. It is that which the writer is trying to achieve when searching for the perfect word. And we love every minute of it. There is no greater feeling than knowing you have used just the right word.

There we have it for another day Bookaholics. See you back here tomorrow. I'm off to craft some more words on my next novel.


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    1. It's amazing isn't it. To me it sums up what reading is all about. We often talk about being sucked into a book, but it is more being held in it's embrace, or grip, as the case may be.