Tuesday, 13 October 2015

An Alternative Anthology

Today I am going to be taking a look at anthologies from the point of view of a writer. However, this is an anthology that is worth buying and reading. 

As writers we are often asked to contribute to anthologies. We also feel that we should be contributing to anthologies. For me it is a way of flexing my short story writing muscles. As an author I mainly focus on writing novels, but short stories are a good way to develop brevity in my writing. Every word needs to work for the story as a whole and needs to be carefully chosen. 

Unfortunately, lack of time meant that I was unable to contribute to this particular anthology. This was a shame as this one was a little different. Firstly, all the stories were based on the characters from a particular crime series, starring DI Frank Lyle. The challenge was to choose a character and write a crime story form their point of view. This makes for an interesting read, seeing how the different authors interpret and give voice to the characters.

The second, and most important reason for this anthology is that the proceeds are all going to Macmillan Cancer Support. This came out of the tragedy of the editor losing a loved one. I love the way that out of tragedy came hope, and a thought of others in the same situation. 

So today's blog supports a worthy cause.

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