Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Proofreading for Writers

Day four of the blog writing challenge I had set myself and I almost fell at the fourth hurdle. I'm ill today and really could do with a day off. However, publication day is sneaking up fast and there is proofreading to be done. For the umpteenth time. Killer's Craft has been proofread by a number of people. It has been looked at practically with a magnifying glass. Still errant typos creep in. I am sure this is the single most difficult, and yet important, task of any writer. I wrote a blog recently about the Hunt for the Lesser-Spotted Typo. You can take a look here.

There is notother way to flush out typos than to go through the manuscript word by weary word. It's not even the type of job which can be done with music on. I'd get carried away with the music and typos would fly past me unseen. They would then bury themselves deeper into a place in which the hunt has already taken place. As the end is in sight one would think it was a time for celebration. But no, it's time to start again.

So please forgive me if I seem a bit harried today. A little pale and wan. I will leave you now to go back to the hunt. See you all back here tomorrow. If I survive that is.

Enjoy your evening Bookaholics. Until I return, keep reading and writing.


  1. How I sympathise - I had a character who remained clam throughout numerous edits and why does from always turn to form when I'm not looking?

    1. That is so true. I am glad the from/form problem is not just mine