Monday, 3 August 2015


Sorry about the long gap since I last posted. I have been knee deep in new releases. After the excitement of launching Killer's Craft, I am now well in to writing book three in the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries. This has involved a lot of research especially forensic research. I have therefore been reading many books on Forensics. One of the best out there is Val McDermid's, Firensics: The Anatomy of a Crime.

This book gives a thorough overview of every area of forensics. It manages to provide good detail without going into so much depth it cannot be read or understood. It is a fascinating book. This could be a dry book but the way it is linked to real life cases makes it interesting. I was reading it for research but this book could be read by anyone and still be enjoyed. Val McDermid is a professional, and highly talented, author. This is evident in every page of this book. She has obviously done a great deal of research and the book is realistic. All aspects are backed by the top pathologists of current and previous generations. I loved the historical context as well. The ways in which forensics has grown and developed is fascinating. This is a well written and enjoyable book which I would highly recommend. 

That's it for now bookaholics. I promise not to leave it s long before I post again. See you all back here soon. 

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