Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Plotting for Writers

Today you are getting two for one in Bookaholics. It's not even a buy one get one free as both this blog post and my review of a cracking mystery on my other blog are both free. Firstly, why am I talking about plotting. This is something which has been on my mind recently. I have been writing my new book and am working to ensure the plot is as tight and exciting as it can possibly be. I have also been watching the Television Series Revenge on Amazon Prime. 

Now I am not going to tell you anything about this series, other than it is a perfect demonstration of plotting. This series has everything you need in a mystery, and more. Every episode is perfectly worked out, giving you teasers, and then moving to a different scene. This is repeated before going back to the original scene and letting you know more. It is like a tense rope being slowly let out and yet still remaining tense. The end of each episode leaves you wanting more. 

There are tantalising glimpses of back story to allow you to know why the lead character is intent on getting revenge. Every so often there will be a whole episode dedicated to backstory. This is brilliantly executed and adds to the story. It means you are not bogged down in backstory but are still able to fit all the pieces together. 

The series cliffhanger is perfectly designed to leave you wanting to know what happens next. It is a perfect example of how a trilogy can be written to draw readers in and keep them reading on to the next book.

I would advise all writers to watch this series and to work out how it could help them to develop the way in which they use plot. It is on Amazon Prime, or Love Film Instant. So far I am half way through season 2 and I have only been watching it for a couple of weeks. I find myself having to watch just one more episode to see what happens next. To be honest I am completely wrung out with all the emotion and tension. This is something we as writers need to learn as part of our craft. Our readers should always want to read just one more chapter.

Now on to that review I was telling you about. The book I am recommending, Beside Still Waters, is the fourth in a series. It is one of those series where you a re left waiting for the next one. I have reviewed it on the Around the World of Inspired Fiction to which I write with several other fiction writers. Take a look at the review HERE and see why I think it is so good.

What has the picture at the top got to do with plotting I hear you ask. Absolutely nothing apart form the fact that it looks suitably eerie to write a plot around. It is one of the churches in the centre of Dundee and I am sure DI Shona McKenzie must have passed it many times on her way about town.

So ends the two for one deal. Normal service will be resumed as soon as I have finished the 800 page book I am currently reading. Sea you all again soon Bookaholic's


  1. I like the idea of plots, the sitting and planning what comes next has never been a trait I could teach myself. I have this one story in mind that I want to be short, shocking, and straight to the point-I may work on my plotting skills just with this one. Just to see if the process will build a better story.

    1. Sounds like a plan Ey. Start with something small.

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