Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Boy in the Snow by M.J. McGrath - Evocative mystery set in Alaska

Hello once again Bookaholics. I am spending my week catching up on reading having been chasing my tail (rather than tale) for the past couple of months. Probably like most of you during the holiday season. So, as an antidote, I bring you a superb murder mystery by a new author, to me, M.J. McGrath. This is the perfect book to take your mind off all of the Christmas activity.

This book was gripping from beginning to end and the story spoke to me in a number of different ways. The first was the setting which is Alaska among the different sets of people from the Inuit. The landscape of this area is evocatively described and it transported me to the area. I found I could picture everything perfectly and it left me with a longing to be there. Edie Kigaltuk is in the area to support her ex husband at his attempt at winning the Iditarod. She trips over the dead body of a baby. No one seems to be bothered and arrest the first person they can think of for the murder. This sets Edie off on a quest to find out the true murderer of the child.

McGrath's evocative writing elevates this story from the humdrum. This is not an edge of the seat mystery but the multiple plot lines give it an urgent feeling, making me want to keep reading. The threads of the story are so expertly woven together but in a simple way which makes sense. There are a number of twists and turns, some of which I never saw coming at all. The characterisation is spot on. I could see the inuit people in my mind and felt like I knew each character intimately. This could be unsettling at times as some of the characters are nasty, which could be said with a capital N.

In conclusion this is a book which would be enjoyed by all lovers of mystery. It would make a superb gift for anyone you know who enjoys murder mystery. I haven't read any of McGrath's other books but I certainly intend to remedy that immediately.

There we have it, for another day, bookaholic's. I'm reading furiously so see you all again soon with another review. There's still time to pick this one up as a present before Christmas, and I'm sure it would be appreciated. Til then, keep reading.


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