Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Inspirational Books by Marion Stroud

Today on Bookaholic we have a couple of superb inspirational books for women by author marion Stroud. Each of these books would make a fabulous present and there is still time to get them before Christmas. The links for UK and US Amazon are on the right of the page to make ti easier for you.

Dear God It's Me and It's Urgent

The tagline for this book is - Prayers for Every Season of a a Woman's Life and it more than meets it's mandate. This is a beautiful volume of inspirational prayers for women for times when you need more of God. It contains a mixture of prayers and bible verses which cut to the heart of the matter in areas such as Women and Work, Women and Children, A woman who cares and a woman who is growing older. It is beautifully presented with a cover which enhances the overall theme and shows that this is a high quality book.

One prayer which particularly spoke to me was Forgive Me. We all have times when we are angry at God or do something which is against his will. This prayer will help you express how you feel to God.

This book would make an excellent present for any occasion. I would highly recommend you buy it for all your Christian female friends and relatives, they will appreciate this book.

It's Just You and Me Lord

This is another beautiful book of inspirational prayers from marion Stroud. Although I found myself reading a lot of this book in one sitting, this is not it's intended use. The prayers in the book allow you to speak to God and reflect on the issues which arise. This means it is a book which can be used for many years to come. There is a prayer for every eventuality of life. The prayers are intimate, raw and uplifting, revealing much of Marion's own life. The book spoke to me on many levels. The beautifully illustrated cover supports this theme of intimacy and means that this is a beautiful book.

This would be an ideal present for any occasion for women and I can guarantee any woman would thank you for the gift.

As I say these books would make an ideal Christmas present or stocking filler for a woman. Although I am writing this a week before Christmas there is still time to get those for Christmas. Your laical Christian Bookshop will also stock them. 

That's it for now on Bookaholic. I will be back really soon with another great review. Until then grab a book and pull up a chair. Take yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the season and lose yourself in the pages of a great book. 

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