Monday, 9 December 2013

Pago Pago Tango - Murder Mystery by John Enright

As regular bookaholic readers will know I read a lot of murder mystery series but none so far have been set in American Samoa. I loved the fact that this one was as the setting and the culture is as much part of the story as the thriller. Having read this book I really want to visit the country.

Apelu Soifua has returned to his native Samoa and is investigating a break in and burglary at a white mans house. This seemingly simple crime turns into one which is bigger than anyone knows. Apelu is an unconventional cop with his own views of the way in which things should be done. This leads to a very individualistic and fresh feel to the book.

The characters are superbly drawn with descriptions of the country and people which make you feel you are there. You never seem to know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys and these seem to be interchangeable. However, rather than confusing the reader, this added to the story. This is an expertly written book which is highly enjoyable and which I couldn't put down. I will certainly be looking for others in this series and from this author.

I received this book form Amazon for a fair and honest review. My review is based on my reading of and enjoyment of the book. I was not coerced in any way to provide a positive review.

That's it for now Bookaholics. I am already knee deep in another murder so expect another review soon. See you then and keep reading.

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