Sunday, 27 October 2013

W is for wasted by Sue Grafton - Murder most Foul

Welcome back to Bookaholic. We are off on the murder trail today with a review of Sue Grafton's W is for Wasted.

I love the Kinsey Millhone books and I was looking forward to this one arriving. My excitement was rewarded as this is another great book form the Grafton stable. With series books often interest runs out after bout 10. However, Sue Grafton has managed to keep her books fresh and I will be sorry when the series ends at z. That's if it does end there that is.

There are two stories running through this book. The first is that a homeless man is found dead with Kinsey's business card in his pocket. Kinsey is, of course, dragged in to finding out about his murder. The other is that of a washed out PI who is on the trail of a hot investigation. The stories run parallel, but about half way through the book are drawn skilfully together. The usual cast of characters are not all in evidence in this book, but Henry still makes an appearance. I have to a admit to loving Henry. There is also a new character in the guise of a very strange cat. He is as well drawn and believable as every other character in the book.

Although this is not an edge of the seat book the storyline, and Grafton's writing style, still has you on reading long into the night. This is not a quick read, at over 700 pages, but it is still an excellent read. This is another book I would highly recommend. If you haven't read a Kinsey Milhoney book then you need to remedy that immediately. If you want to start with the first in the series A is for Alibi.

That's it for now Bookaholic's. I'll be back soon with another review. See you all soon and keep reading. 

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