Thursday, 10 October 2013

Poison Town by Creston Mapes - #Christian #Thriller

This is the first book I have read by this author, and it certainly will not be the last. The first thing that caught my attention was the atmospheric cover and the author's name. You just know with a name like Creston Mapes this author is going to be good. When I was given the opportunity to recieve an advanced copy for review I jumped at the chance. So did the book live up to my expectations from the cover alone. 

As the blurb hasn't even been revealed on Amazon yet, I can't give too much away. This is the second in the Crittendon series starring reporter Jack Crittendon. It is a stand alone book. However, if you want to read the first book as well, some of the details are given away in this one. So better to read them in order. 

As a thriller this book is top notch. Creston Mapes is a superb writer and he had me hooked from the beginning. It starts of fairly gently, the tension mounts and then is completely ramped up at the end. When people say they are breathless reading a book I now know what they mean. I was literally holding my breath at the end. I read a lot of thrillers and murder mysteries so it takes a lot to get a reaction like this. 

The characters are written well. In many books Christians come across as holier than thou, but this is not the case in this book. The characters are real with their own struggles and doubts. The Christianity is handled well and does not overwhelm the storyline. I believe that this book could be enjoyed by both Christians and Non-Christians alike.

So did this book live up to my expectations? It most certainly did. This is a well written thriller with a strong plot and characters. I would highly recommend. Please note the book is not released until February 2014. It is well worth ordering and keeping your Christmas money to buy it. 

That's it for now from bookaholic. I have a surprise for you in the next post so don't miss out. See you all soon, but until then find a good book and curl up and read. 

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