Monday, 21 October 2013

The One Year Holy Land Moments Devotional - Review

Today on Bookaholic's we have something completely different. 

For a Christian there are many daily devotionals out there, so why am I taking the time to review this one? I have found this devotional to be unique, as each day the Bible passage is looked at from both a Jewish and Christian perspective. 

Each day Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein provides a commentary on a bible verse, looking at why this is important in the Jewish Faith. Tremper Longman then looks at the same verse and how it applies in the New Testament. Having done the first week of the devotional I have found it to be interesting and informative. As a Christian I found the insight into the Jewish application not only interesting, but also found that it strengthened the New Testament application.

It can often be difficult to envisage how the Old Testament applies in our lives as Christians. However, this book does this in bite size chunks. The commentaries are easy to understand and yet are insightful. This book has refreshed my enthusiasm for studying the bible, both Old and New Testament together and this can only be a good thing. One thing that needs to be asked when considering a devotional is - does it strengthen my relationship with God. The answer to this is a resounding yes.

I was given this book by the publisher in return for an honest review. I was not expected to provide a positive review and have done so based on my use of this book.

That's it for today from Bookaholic's. See you all again soon. Until then keep reading.

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