Sunday, 14 June 2015

Review of Dawkins' God by Alister McGrath

I've had a rest from fiction for a little while and have been reading an in depth and interesting book.

Dawkins' God is a well reasoned, clear, and critical analysis of some of Richard Dawkin's works, particularly The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion. This is an in depth book, and is jam packed full of detail. It has the potential to be dry, but, McGrath has an excellent style which makes the book imminently readable, for all. Even those with little understanding of the science and the arguments surrounding the issue will feel that they have learned a lot.

The book is well researched and it is clear that McGrath knows his subject well. It is also interesting in the extreme. It is rare, that a book packed full of factual details, has me wanting to read on. This one achieved that and more. The way in which he deconstructs Dawkin's arguments is clear and easily understood. Yet, despite disagreeing with Dawkin's, McGrath is respectful and gives him credit for his theories and the way in which he puts them forward. It is refreshing to see such respect in a religious academic argument. 

Although I have not read either of the books which are being discussed, I did not feel this was an issue. McGrath has written the book in a way which makes sense. However, it has left me wanting to read the other two books, in order to gain an all round perspective. 

I would highly recommend this book to everyone as it is well worth reading.


That's it for today my Bookaholic friends. See you all back here very soon. My next post will be a review of an excellent thriller. I'm off to finish reading it. Have a great day and enjoy whatever book you are currently reading. 

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