Wednesday, 17 June 2015

An Author's Thoughts Revealed

It has been a bit of a busy time for me recently. Book two in the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries is finished and I am waiting for the proof copy to turn up. I am reliably informed it will be here today. This means I can't settle and my thoughts are all over the place. There is still much to do before the launch which still seems so far away. Yet it is less than five weeks. The launch will be held in Waterstones, Dundee on 20th July at 6.30 pm. I'm excited beyond belief, and very much looking forward to the event. So I am sure you can understand why my thoughts are erratic. 

Whilst I am writing this blog, and doing anything else in fact, all I can think about is the postman arriving. Only a writer will understand what it means to hold the first copy of a new book in my hands. This is a time of magic. It belongs to me, and all those months and years of hard work have come to fruition. For five weeks I can hold it in my hand. There is still time to nurture it and make changes. However, in five weeks it will be set free and into the hands of the reading public. All authors know that this is an anxious time. Will readers enjoy the book is what fills my thoughts on launch day. 

So, today, I am finding it difficult to settle. I am finding it difficult to concentrate. What does an author do in such circumstances? Why read a book of course. In order to be an author, you first need to be a reader. My love of reading is up there with that of my writing. I have bookcases full of books which I have not yet read. I can savour the glorious feeling of anticipation as I choose the perfect book. I will then grab a cup of tea, a chocolate biscuit and sit down with the book. It will occupy my mind and hold me in its grip. It will stop me thinking about the postman's arrival.

What's that you say? What have I chosen? That my friends will remain a mystery until next time. See you all back here soon with a review of my chosen book. 

In the meantime I will leave you with a picture of the cover of book two in the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries. If you haven't yet read book one you can get it from the links on the right hand side of the blog. By for now, and keep reading. 


  1. It seems interesting and I think I have to read this

  2. Congratulations. Hope the postman arrived nice and early :-)