Thursday, 12 March 2015

Meet the Author by Katie Aged 11

Recently I was at a local primary School to do a talk for World Book Day. One of the pupils, Katie, agreed to do a blog post about the visit. 

An amazing author came to my school. She told us about her lead up to being an author .
I really enjoyed it. It was very inspirational and made me want to write like her. She got us all writing our own opener for a crime book which I loved doing. It got everyone very excited I had so much fun and a lot of people in my class liked it.

My opener was 
As a young boy was walking home from school two police cars were parked out side of a tree. As he walked by he said in he's head "I shouldn't have done that," he went home and told his dad that he killed a man and hid him up a tree but now I have told I have to kill you now that's two men dead. 3 more to go.

Thank you Katie. I had better watch out or you will be taking my job over as a crime author. It was a pleasure to have you on the blog, and I am glad you enjoyed the visit.


  1. You sure do get around, Wendy :-)
    Thank you, Katie, I think you've got the hang of crime writing OK. Keeeep at it!

    1. I'm everywhere Fran :-) I agree that Katy is a great crime writer

  2. Enjoying keeping up with your blog, Wendy. I'm not blogging at the moment (only so many minutes in the day) but you might enjoy my author page on Facebook (Fran Brady writer)

    1. Hi Fran. Will look you up. Glad you are enjoying the blog