Sunday, 1 March 2015

A New Writing Blog is Born

Today on Bookaholic I am proud and priviliged to announce the launch of a new blog for Christian Writers - More Than Writers Like the penguin in the picture I am standing on the brink and ready to soar.

I am the Webmaster for the Association of Christian Writers. For various reasons the existing blog was a tad stagnant so the decision was made to give it a fresh new look by starting from scratch. This has been in development for a couple of months and I am excited and honoured to be the first person to post.

The tile of the blog, More than Writers reflects a couple of different Aspects. Firstly, the blog will share an eclectic mix of topics around writing, books and the arts. All the contributors will bring their own twist to this so expect variety. The second aspect is that we all love God.

I will be posting on the first of every month and look forward to seeing many of my Bookaholic friends joining me at the new blog. See you all soon and keep reading. 


  1. Congrats on the new blog! Hope to read more from More Than Writers. Hopping over right now.

  2. Excellent Lux. I am sure it would s going to be a great resource