Monday, 2 February 2015

Game changers by Peter Fisk

It is rare that a book comes along which will help you radically change the way you do business. The book I bring to you today does just that. Why am I writing about a business book on a reading and writing blog. Well I believe that this book would be extremely insightful for authors in whichever genre they write. The subtitle of the book is Creating Innovative Strategies for Business and Brands, which may give you a hint as to why I find it worthy of inclusion in the blog.

This is a book which all those starting out in business, or looking to improve their business strategy, should read. As well as being imminently practical it is also inspirational. The book is beautifully laid out with clear chapters each of which covers a different topic. It is essentially about branding but it is about so much more than this. It is about thinking outside the box and rebranding in a different way. It is also about passion and a belief in your self and your product. Each chapter takes you through different steps in your branding and marketing strategy. These include:

Think - Change your future

Explore - Change your market

Disrupt - Change your strategy

Design - Change your business

There are several more. At the end of each chapter is an application section that you can apply to your business.

In addition Fisk gives numerous real life examples to back up the text. The second half of the book is about these very companies. It takes areas, such as health, retail, finance, media etc. It then gives 10 examples of companies in each area, who have changed the way in which we do business and are setting the world on fire. These examples from real life if the book above the ordinary. It makes the book, not only helpful, but interesting

This is a superb book which I would highly recommend for all those who are developing or changing their brand. I am certainly going to use several of the strategies in my own branding.


That bring us to the end of another Bookaholic day. I look forward to seeing you all back here soon. Until then grab the nearest book and get reading.