Monday, 7 April 2014

Lonely Graves by Britta Bolt

WE are off to Amsterdam today in Bookaholic. You can't say we don't get around. My reviews are a whistle stop tour around the world.

Lonely Graves is the first book in a new and exciting trilogy. Pieter Posthumus is in charge of the lonely funerals team. This department looks into the deaths and life of the recently deceased. He then ensures that they do not get buried unmourned. Taking his job seriously he looks into the death of a Moroccan immigrant and finds himself caught up in a suspected terror plot.

The author, Britta Bolt, has a great writing style. The characters are brought to life, quirks and all, making them jump from the page. The seedy underbelly of Amsterdam is exposed. One thing I did particularly enjoy was the way in which both sides of Islam are examined. It shows decent families who live good lives and get on well with their neighbours. Often this is missing in thrillers where only the terrorist aspect is portrayed.

Whilst this is not a page turner, it is a great book with some instances of real tension. The book finishes well, with an excellent set up for the next book in the trilogy. My only disappointment is that the second book is not yet out. I look forward to its publication.


This book is not yet published but is well worth pre-ordering. For my US readers. Sorry but I am unable to post the link for US as yet. Well worth looking up though

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