Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hidden in Christ by James Bryan Smith

Today on Bookaholics I bring you a devotional which is perfect for any time of year, but especially whilst we are still thinking about Easter.

I won a copy of this book in a competition and it is probably one of the best prizes I have ever won. The purpose of the book is to take an in depth look at Colossians 3 and to meditate on, and memorise, the words of this passage. A simple premise you may think, but the passage, and this book, is packed with power.

The book starts by asking you to read Colossians Chapter 3. It then moves on to cover a verse, or part of a verse, each day as a devotional. You are also asked to memorise the words of the passage for that day. This slows the passage down and really makes you think about the words. As you spend the day memorising the passage you will find yourself meditating on, and really absorbing the meaning of the words. Take just the first days devotional

"Since then you have been raised with Christ" Col 3:1

Thinking about the way in which you have been raised with Christ. No matter what happens in your life, Christ is with you. You, and I, have died to your old life and are a new creation in Christ. The old one has gone and a new one has taken it's place. This has particular meaning given that it is Easter. Jesus died and rose again in our place.

This book is both insightful and inspiring. Your bible reading will be changed and become more meaningful.

I could highly recommend this book to all Christians. It will transform the way in which you look at Colossians 3 and perhaps other bible passages. Take the time to slow down and absorb the meaning of God's words to you today.


That brings us to the end of another review for bookaholic's everywhere. See you all back here again soon. Until then, keep reading.

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