Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tested By Fire by Pat Patterson - Action Adventure

Today we are staying on the theme of action adventure and thriller in bookaholic. There's nothing like a bit of adventure to keep you reading. I was looking for a Christian novel and came across this one. It did not disappoint as it ticked all the boxes as far as I am concerned.

Jim Stockbridge is a paramedic with a nasty temper and a huge chip on his shoulder. when his best friend is killed Jim's temper explodes and gets him into a whole lot of trouble. When his girlfriend then leaves him, Jim's temper and anger reaches legendary levels. But Jim is a man with a troubled past and a real compassion for his patients and you cannot help but like him. it quickly becomes obvious that he is wrestling not only with his own demons but also God. 

But this is not just a book about Jim, but is also a first rate thriller. The police and the paramedics find themselves right in the middle of a drug war and believe you me the baddies in this book are really nasty human beings. There is action aplenty that will keep you reading long past the time when you should have put the light out for the night. The only thin I would say is that sometimes I felt the action was a bit too detailed and went on for too long. But that is my personal taste. 

I started out by thinking this was a book just for women, but I was wrong. It could equally be enjoyed by men, despite the bit of romance, as it is mainly an action thriller. One I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for an action packed Christian Thriller. 

That's us for another day Bookakolics. See you all back here soon for another review. To find out which one come back soon. Until then, enjoy whatever book you are currently reading. 


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