Sunday, 3 November 2013

Casa De Naomi Books 1 & 2 by Paula Rose Michelson

Today on Bookaholics I bring you two excellent Christian fiction books.

Yet again I find myself in the position of stretching myself in terms of my reading. This is not the usual type of book I read but I liked the premise of it so decided to step out of my comfort zone. I am glad I did.

Casa de Naomi Book 1

This book tells the story of Naomi who finds herself stranded in America and is rescued and taken home by a kindly older woman. She spends her time helping the woman do good works. As she becomes and adult the woman dies and leaves Naomi her estate and her responsibilities. However, Naomi is harbouring a secret that she hides from everyone including her husband.

It is difficult to review this book without giving too much away. This is a faith filled book and that comes through strongly. The spiritual aspect is excellent and very well developed. The characters get under your skin and you find yourself caring about them intensely. I felt I knew them intimately. The story drew me in and kept me reading. Initially the way it was written seems a little stilted to me. However I soon realised that this was a part of the culture and completely in keeping with the way these people would speak. I soon found myself engrossed in the story and wanted to know what happens next. This is an excellent book but you should know this is not a complete story. You have to read book 2 in order to get the whole story and the whole picture. 

Casa de Naomi Book 2

At the end of book 1 in this series I was left wanting more and started reading book 2 straight away. If possible this book is even better than book 1. It opens when Naomi is feeling very low and feeling as if God had deserted her. She finds herself amongst a group of people who are supporting her in finding a deeper relationship with God. In this book we also get to know more about Naomi's husband Chaz and his background. There are some surprising twists in this book which in some ways give it some measure of tension. However, as I say it is spiritually uplifting. Paula Rose Michelson has a rare gift in that she can bring the scriptures to life in the pages of a work of fiction. 

This book touched me as well as gave me enjoyment. It made me think about my faith in new ways. It also made me realise the freedom we have in practicing our faith and the many ways in which we take this for granted. This is a worthy follow up to the first book.

I was given a copy of these books in return for a fair review. My review is based on my reading of and enjoyment of the books and in no way was solicited by the author.

Another couple of great books this week. I look forward to seeing all my bookaholic friends again soon. 


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