Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Writing and Editing - the exciting life of a crime writer

A side step for bookaholics this week as I give you one of my periodic updates on where I am and what I am doing as a writer. 

As a writer I am also a reader (as you know)  and I have been doing a lot of reading recently. As previous blogs suggest this has been an eclectic mix but mainly murder mysteries and thrillers. This has very firmly steeped me in the world of murder. It's probably best not to mess with me as I know many ways of trying to bump you off. The only flaw in my logic here is that the murderer always seems to get caught. On second thoughts maybe you're safe.

The Abbey Book - Angus Archives

I am going to be even more deeply diving into all things murder this evening when I visit the Angus Archives. The secretary of my local writing group has arranged for us to spend the evening delving into the archives. I am of course going to be looking at murder cases both ancient and modern. This should give me plenty ammunition for further books. As I love reading, writing and local history, I am really looking forward to this visit. 

It is the Edinburgh eBook Festival this week and I have been dropping in there periodically to read the blogs. particularly Interesting has been Chris Longmuir's blogs as Crime Writer in Residence. Throughout the festival she has reviewed a number of books in different crime genre's and these have been a fascinating glimpse in to crime writing. 

I am also undertaking a life writing workshop at the festival, which has been excellent. Kathleen Jones (no relative) has been taking participants through different ways in which to write your life story. This has been useful to help me develop different styles of writing. There is a writing exercise every second day and then feedback is given the next day. It is a trifle nerve wracking as snippets of what has been written, with comments, are posted the next day. However, Kathleen has been very kind and I have learnt a lot.

Most of my time recently has seen me, head down at the computer, editing my first novel. This has been hard work but enjoyable. I love words and thinking about how to use them more effectively has been challenging but worthwhile. 

That's it from bookaholics this week and, for the first time, not a book review in sight. However, that will be remedied next time on bookaholics. Until then, pick up a book and get reading. 


  1. I looks like you are having a lot of fun with all those murders (wow that sounds indecent.)
    Keep the good writing up!

    1. Linda I am definitely in a murderous mood :-)

  2. Love it that you're a writer who actually loves reading; so many of today's wannabees seem to think that reading is unnecessary as a way to hone their craft. Like you, I enjoy the editing; not quite as much as the initial creating, but still I do love to find that exact phrase, that precise word to describe and convey my ideas.
    Interesting piece, Wendy. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. To write one must first read. Such a solid truth!

  3. Thank you Stuart. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Hi,
    I read your post on the facebook writing group and decided to come and see you. I too tend to write about the criminal element. Sometimes I get ideas from the headlines, but I want to ask you do you ever get creeped out by the details of infamous cases? I know I do, that mess in Cleveland is a prime example. Ladies hiding in plain sight, and could not get help.