Sunday, 18 August 2013

Submerged by Dani Pettrey - Romantic Suspense

When I started the Bookaholics blog I said I was an eclectic reader and promised a variety of reviews. This has certainly been the case and, to keep things fresh, this week I am bringing you a romantic suspense.

Now for an admission, it has been some time since I have a read a romantic suspense novel. However, yesterday I grabbed this one from the shelf and I am jolly glad I did. This is the first book in the Alaskan Courage Series and already I am looking forward to reading the next one. I am more a mystery person than the romance part but I have to admit both parts of the story had me hooked, They blended well and the romance part did not overwhelm the mystery as can often happen. Bailey Craig has returned to Alaska in order to deal with her deceased Aunt's estate. Having left there in disgrace many years before she is not ready to return or give the rumour mills anything to talk about. However, rather than slipping in quietly and leaving, she finds herself knee deep in solving several murders which have happened since she arrived. Cole McKenna is still in love with Bailey and wants to protect her at all costs. Together they face a large number of obstacles, both to solving the mystery, and to finding love.

Bailey is a well written character with a large degree of vulnerability. This makes her seem more real, and will strike a chord in many readers. Cole is described well and I found myself drawn to him. All the other characters are well developed but there is enough left out about them that they could be the main characters in future books. This made me want to read the next book immediately as soon as I had finished this one. Alaska is vividly described, so much so, I could actually picture myself in the setting.

This is a Christian book so there are Christian themes running trough the book. However, this is well integrated and does not over power the story. I believe this book could be enjoyed by Christians and Non Christians alike.

Submerged has a well developed plot and there are enough twists and turns to keep you both reading and guessing. This reader certainly did not want to put it down. I would highly recommend it.

That's it from bookaholics. I think I am going to treat myself to book 2 in the series and see what happens next. In the words from a well known movie "I will be Back." Until then, keep reading.

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