Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins of Advertising and How to Avoid Them: Small business marketing by Glyn Williams

This book is free today so downloaded and, as it was short, thought I would read it straight away. I am certainly glad I did. 

As I say, this is not a long book but I can assure you every page packs a punch. It starts by outlining the mistakes people make when advertising. However part two tells you how to avoid these mistakes and how to make your advertising both effective and compelling. The advice about tag lines and branding is spot on. There are exercises which will help you to work out both your tag line and your brand. These are simple but highly effective. I was using this book with my writers's hat on and I certainly found it useful. If I were to use a tag line for this book I would be saying, short, sharp and to the point or cuts to the heart of the matter. I would definitely recommend.

I will leave you here as I am off to develop my brand and tagline for my books. I'm loving my life as a writer and reading books like this makes me more excited to get my books out to you the readers. See you all soon.


  1. Alas - no longer free :( I am a Amazon Prime member so will be able to borrow it!

    1. Worth borrowing. The other one is still free so hope you got that :-)

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